Qualify for a Limited Occupational Driver's License in Pennsylvania

People who have lost their driver's license due to a DUI conviction or a chemical test refusal need to address problems like getting to work, the potential loss of their job depending on their profession, and getting their kids, spouse or parents to school and medical or other appointments without a license.

Protect Your Driver's Privileges

When people call my law office for help regarding a DUI, they are frequently most concerned about keeping their driver's license. My name is Henry Hilles, and I am a DUI and criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I have represented hundreds of clients in their efforts to protect or restore their driver's privileges or to obtain an occupational limited driver's license.

If you have already been notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) that your license is suspended for a DUI violation or chemical test refusal, it is important to speak with an attorney immediately to determine whether it makes sense to file an appeal of the suspension. Any such appeal must typically be filed within 30 days of the notice of the suspension, so it is important to act quickly in consulting a lawyer. I can help.

Chemical test "refusals." Motorists have a right to be informed of the consequences of refusing to take the blood or breath test. If the police do not properly advise the motorist, the one-year PennDOT suspension cannot stand. However, the only way to enforce your rights is to appeal the PennDOT suspension. If you have been accused of refusing a chemical test, contact an attorney immediately.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late to Fight for Your License

To discuss how an experienced Pennsylvania driver's license reinstatement attorney can help you defend against a license loss and a DUI conviction, please call my Montgomery County and Norristown, Pennsylvania, law office and schedule an appointment today. Call 610-270-8800 or send a secure and confidential e-mail.