Pennsylvania can impose strict penalties on individuals who are convicted for drunk driving in the state — regardless of whether or not they are residents of the state. Therefore, if you are pulled over or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs while visiting or traveling through Pennsylvania, it is important to hire a local DUI defense lawyer who can fight to protect your rights, freedom and driving privileges.

At the Law Office of Henry S. Hilles, III, I provide relentless DUI defense representation to Pennsylvania residents and out-of-state drivers facing drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania. My extensive experience dealing with PA drunk driving laws includes years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and as a former Montgomery County prosecutor. I know the laws, courts and local court procedures and I know how the prosecution prepares its case against those arrested for DUI. I use this knowledge to prepare a strong defense strategy for each client.

Pennsylvania DUI Conviction and Your Out-of-State License

In addition to any fines, jail time or other DUI penalties, if you are convicted for drunk driving in Pennsylvania, your out-of-state driver's license could be affected. Once convicted for DUI, your conviction is reported to your state's department of transportation. While your driving privileges may not be altered immediately, most states will suspend your license in accordance with state law even if you are convicted in another state, such as Pennsylvania.

Out-of-State DUIs and Repeat DUI Offenses

Pennsylvania imposes strict DUI penalties on individuals convicted for a repeat DUI. Any drunk driving convictions in the last 10 years — including out-of-state DUI convictions — can be used to augment the offense you are charged with and the resulting penalties.

Don't Plead Guilty Just Because It's Inconvenient to Hire Out-of-State DUI Representation

A DUI conviction is serious and can have a lasting impact on your future. An experienced DUI defense attorney can challenge the evidence against you and fight to have the charges reduced or dropped. Choosing to plead guilty simply because it's too difficult to handle the matter from another state is a mistake. Hiring an attorney for your out-of-state DUI does not have to be difficult.

Contact me for relentless DUI defense from an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer. We can discuss over the phone how I can meet your out-of-state DUI representation needs.