Generally speaking, in Pennsylvania, there are two ways that the police will test a DUI suspect's blood: through a breath test or through a direct blood test.

In each case, there are a number of specific legal procedures and protocols that the police must follow. Failure to follow these specific procedures and protocols can result in the dismissal of a DUI case or a reduction of the charges.

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It is important to retain a lawyer who is familiar with these DUI blood-testing procedures and protocols and the various steps the police must strictly follow.

As a former prosecuting attorney with the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, I have considerable knowledge about how the police think and the many mistakes that sometimes make during a DUI arrest.

Breath Test Defense Questions— Did You Know That Breath Tests Can Be Considered Unreliable?

  • Was the test properly given?
  • Was the person who administered the test properly trained?
  • Has the breath test machine been properly tested and maintained?
  • Is there other evidence that can refute that you were intoxicated?

You can rest assured that I will explore every aspect of the prosecution's case against you as I seek to refute or minimize the DUI charges against you.

What Can Be Wrong With DUI Blood Alcohol Tests (BAC)?

A DUI defense lawyer must understand the steps the police must follow to properly test for a person’s blood alcohol content. As an example, the police cannot permit an unreasonable time to pass between your arrest and the administration of the blood alcohol test. If considerable time passes between the stopping of your vehicle and the actual blood test, more alcohol can be absorbed into your system, which can make your BAC substantially higher than it was when you were driving.

It is important to examine any blood alcohol testing evidence closely, because even toxicologists agree that there is a potential margin of error that often can help fight charges of driving while under the influence (DUI). This is an area of the law in which I have considerable knowledge and am often able to argue persuasively on behalf of a client charged with DUI.

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You are not guilty just because the police say so. Please call an attorney who is experienced in handling DUI defense. I will explore every avenue that may be available to challenge the blood alcohol content (BAC) or any other evidence against you in your DUI case. Contact my Norristown, Montgomery County, PA, law office by e-mail.