To defend against federal charges, a person needs an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. The federal criminal system is like the PA state system in many ways, but has some important differences. The Unites States Attorney’s Office has significantly more time and resources than state prosecutors to direct toward a criminal prosecution. Federal prosecutors have the support of the FBI, ATF, Department of Treasury and other investigative and administrative agencies. This usually results in more thorough investigations, sophisticated investigative techniques (such as wiretapping) and numerous expert witnesses.

Also, the federal sentencing guidelines are substantially more complicated than state sentencing guidelines and generally provide for more severe sentences.

Federal prosecutors have access to tremendous human and financial resources. A lawyer defending a federal case must have comparable experience and resources. Defense counsel must be fully knowledgeable of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence and have experience dealing with federal judges and prosecutors.

I have relationships with experts in various fields (such as private investigators, toxicologists, forensic psychologists and polygraphers) who I have used to help me evaluate and defend cases. I have had success in federal courts in having charges substantially reduced or dropped as part of negotiated resolutions. I am proud of my experience in handling complex, high-profile federal cases and my ability to earn a positive result for my federal clients.

If you have been accused of a federal crime or are under federal investigation, it is important to hire an attorney who has the resources and experience to handle a case in federal court. At the Law Office of Henry S. Hilles, III in Montgomery County, PA, I can help you level the playing field with federal prosecutors and provide you with an outstanding defense.

Skilled Former Montgomery County, PA Prosecutor

As a Montgomery County, PA Assistant District Attorney and as a defense attorney, I have worked with federal prosecutors and investigators and understand how the U.S. Attorney's Office typically prosecutes a case. I have successfully defended many persons in United States District Court.

Federal crimes tend to be more complex than their state counterparts, and in order to properly prepare for trial, you need to have the resources and experience to try these cases effectively. The types of federal crimes that are increasingly charged include:

  • White collar crime such as wire fraud or credit card fraud
  • Internet crimes including internet fraud and piracy
  • Bank robbery
  • Homeland defense violations
  • Federal drug charges and weapons charges

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