Making the Choice to Apply for ARD in DUI Cases

A typical DUI case involves a number of hearings and procedural deadlines leading up to either a trial or a guilty plea. However, those who have been accused of DUI for the first time and have a clean criminal record have another option in Pennsylvania: the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program.

Suspending the Criminal Case Through ARD

Acceptance into the ARD program and fulfillment of the requirements mean that your case will be dismissed before it reaches a trial date. There are many benefits of ARD, such as:

  • No jail time
  • No criminal conviction
  • A reduced license suspension

It is important that your lawyer carefully review the strength of the DUI case to determine whether ARD is the best option.

A skilled DUI defense lawyer will evaluate your case and review the evidence against you to help you decide whether ARD is a wise choice for you. ARD offers many advantages, but with it, you temporarily waive your right to a trial and to litigate the case. If your case is strong, it may make sense to contest the charges rather than choosing ARD.

The only way to obtain admission into the ARD program is through recommendation by the district attorney's office. Judges do not have the power to admit someone into the ARD Program if the DA's Office objects. It is important to retain an attorney who prosecutors know and respect so that the judge understands that you are more than just your arrest record.

Drunk Driving ARD Support

My name is Henry Hilles, and I have been a criminal defense and DUI defense attorney in Norristown and Montgomery County since 1999. I have handled hundreds of cases in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County and Chester County. I am also a former prosecutor who understands the language of the DA's office and who knows what officials look for when evaluating candidates for the ARD program.

I will be at your side at every step of this process, ensuring that the positive aspects of your life are communicated effectively to the prosecutor. Together, you and I can meet and decide whether it makes sense for you to apply for ARD.

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