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I am attorney Henry Hilles. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime, the first step in dealing with the problem is to hire an experienced MontCo. criminal defense attorney.

I have been a lawyer since 1994 and have a criminal and DUI law practice in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding counties. In the 1990s, I was an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County, PA in the Major Crimes Unit. As a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, I have handled cases ranging from capital (death penalty) homicide and felony cases to traffic offenses. Historically, many of my cases have involved misdemeanor and felony DUI charges.

I am proud to have earned a reputation as a tough, hardworking and honest criminal defense attorney. As both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I have a great deal of experience trying criminal cases. I have a thorough understanding of criminal defense practice and am proud of my ability to "come up big" in big cases. I take every case seriously and zealously represent each client to get the best possible results.

Norristown Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

As a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney's Major Crimes Unit, and in private practice as a defense lawyer, I have handled thousands of criminal cases. I have practiced in Pennsylvania state, federal and juvenile courts, working closely with my clients to protect their rights and prepare a successful defense.

If you have been charged with a crime, I can help. Over the years, I have prosecuted and represented individuals charged with nearly every type of felony or misdemeanor, including DUI offenses, drug charges and violent crimes like homicide and assault. If you are accused of a crime in Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania or the surrounding area, contact the Law Office of Henry S. Hilles, III by calling 610-270-8800. I will fight to protect your rights and obtain the best possible resolution of your case. Having practiced criminal law for 20 years in Pennsylvania I routinely handle cases such as:

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD Program)


Ambien DUI

Cocaine crimes

Marijuana crimes

Section 17 narcotics cases 

Juvenile crimes

Sex offenses

General criminal matters

I strive to provide outstanding representation based on my experience and commitment to personal service. I have relationships with experts in various fields — private investigators, toxicologists, forensic psychiatrists, polygraphers and others — who I have used to help me prepare and defend cases. I believe my representation is effective because of:

  • My Experience: As a former Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, I understand how a prosecutor puts a case together and how best to prepare an appropriate defense. I understand how the process works and can "speak the language" when negotiating before trial. If the proper resolution is a negotiated guilty plea, I am often able to work with prosecutors to obtain the best possible result. However I am always fully prepared to take the matter to trial. This is critically important; there is no doubt that prosecutors know when a defense attorney is reluctant to take a matter to trial and will be less likely to come off their position.
  • My Partnership with My Clients: Every client is my partner in his or her defense. I am dedicated to my clients' well-being and obtaining a result that is best for them. It is critically important to be honest and straightforward at all times and treat every client with respect. This means answering questions, keeping clients informed and returning phone calls and e-mails promptly.

You Will Know What's Happening Every Step of the Way

At the Law Office of Henry S. Hilles, III, you do not have to spend days or weeks wondering what is going on with your case. I will explain the legal proceedings and make sure you understand your legal options and the potential benefits and risks of each strategic option. Having an attorney who communicates appropriately and responds promptly to your calls and emails will give you peace of mind during this difficult time.

To contact me, please call my Norristown, Montgomery County, PA law firm at 610-270-8800 or email me at hilles@comcast.net. I offer free initial consultations.

Consequences Of A Criminal Or DUI Conviction

Being charged with a crime is a frightening and intimidating experience. I am well aware of the devastating consequences that can come with a criminal conviction, such as imprisonment, job loss, financial problems, damage to your reputation, strained relationships and potential immigration consequences. I work closely with my clients to understand their unique situation to be fully prepared to fight for their rights both in and out of the courtroom.

With so much on the line in a criminal case, it is essential to have an attorney that knows the law, has experience with the system and will take the time to understand your case. Having formerly worked as a prosecutor, I understand both sides of a criminal case and will work hard to get you the best possible result. 

Why Get Legal Help Following Criminal Charges?

When you're charged with a crime, you should hire a lawyer who will carefully analyze all the issues involved in your case and will truly fight for your rights. Certainly, a plea bargain or alternative-sentence resolution (such as the ARD Program) is sometimes the best option. However, it is important to choose an attorney who is fully prepared and will not hesitate to take a matter to trial. As a former prosecutor, I know that prosecutors can sense when an attorney is afraid of trial and will be less inclined to offer the best possible deal.

Why Hire the Law Office of Henry S. Hilles, III?

While I have handled many large cases such as death-penalty murder cases and major drug offense cases, a sizable percentage of my cases are DUI cases. In suburban America, a large percentage of the total crimes charged involve DUIs. I have handled hundreds of DUI cases (as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney) and fully understand the issues involved in these cases.

DUI cases can be difficult because they are frequently easy to prove and the penalties for a conviction can be severe (such as jail time and long mandatory license suspensions). This is why it is important to look at all alternative sentencing programs such as admission into the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition Program (ARD Program). I am highly qualified to negotiate an appropriate result (such as admission into the ARD Program) or prepare an aggressive and thorough defense on behalf of anyone charged with DUI.

For anyone charged with a crime, it is important to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side who is experienced in prosecuting and defending against criminal charges. I am dedicated to working hard on behalf of every client and fostering a relationship of trust and respect with my clients by always being prepared, returning phone calls and emails, and keeping my clients informed.

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